Month: June, 2017

Bench Press Technique

An article that looks at bench press technique in simple steps. Includes setup, lift off, down phase, up phase and re-racking the bar.

How Muscle Is Built

A look at the biological process of how muscle is built. This includes the AP-PC cycle, hypertrophy, microtrauma and protein synthesis.

BodyRip 0.5kg Micro-Weight Plates Review

A review of BodyRip’s 0.5kg micro-weight plates. Such plates are important to maintain progressive resistance in your workouts and the BodyRip plates are perfectly adequate in this respect.

Micro-weight plates are essential if you want to maintain progressive resistance training beyond beginner level and these BodyRip 0.5kg plates are inexpensive and accurate to within 6% (which you’d hardly notice), making them a good value purchase.

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