About Me

WeightTraining.me.ukI started weight training at the age of 18 and trained solidly for seven years until I was 25. Then I moved house and life seemed to get in the way and I didn’t touch a barbell for over twenty years. Then, in 2010, at the tender age of 46, I took up weight training again and have been at it ever since.

In my youth, I lived close to a really good free weights, bodybuilding type of gym and I trained there six times a week for about 90 – 120 minutes a time.

I now train mainly at home on my own, four times a week for about 60 minutes a time.

Much of what I write on this site is about training from home or about the particular challenges facing the older (45+) weight trainer.

I like to take a scientific approach to my training. I developed a program in Filemaker that records all my workouts and food consumption and prints out pretty little graphs of my progress. This helps me to identify what works and what doesn’t. And I prefer proper scientific studies into weight training and diet, although they’re often hard to come by.

I did a little local, amateur-level competitive powerlifting in my youth but my motivation throughout is really about keeping in shape, building some muscle and getting a bit stronger.