What is a Good Natural Bench Press?

A look at what constitutes a good natural bench press (no steroids or shirts) based on observations made in a number of gyms over the years.

Do Protein Supplements Work?

Do protein supplements work or are they just a waste of money? Two opposing viewpoints reach their conclusions from a some of the same studies.

Tracking and Recording your Workouts

How tracking and recording workouts can help you progress. Setting goals is important as a measure of current progress and a motivator for future progress.

Ironmaster Super Bench Review

A review of the Ironmaster Super Bench, which is an excellent multi-purpose bench that can host a number of attachments. Well-made and very adjustable.

A high quality bench that can host a number of useful attachments. I can’t imagine you’d find a better multi-purpose bench than this one in the same price range.


Bench Press Technique

An article that looks at bench press technique in simple steps. Includes setup, lift off, down phase, up phase and re-racking the bar.

How Muscle Is Built

A look at the biological process of how muscle is built. This includes the AP-PC cycle, hypertrophy, microtrauma and protein synthesis.

BodyRip 0.5kg Micro-Weight Plates Review

A review of BodyRip’s 0.5kg micro-weight plates. Such plates are important to maintain progressive resistance in your workouts and the BodyRip plates are perfectly adequate in this respect.

Micro-weight plates are essential if you want to maintain progressive resistance training beyond beginner level and these BodyRip 0.5kg plates are inexpensive and accurate to within 6% (which you’d hardly notice), making them a good value purchase.

Buy BodyRip Cast Iron 2" Hole Weight Plates 4 x 0.5kg Franctions Discs Low Weights Home Gym for £12.99

Rest, Breaks and Layoffs

A look at how adequate sleep is an important part of a weight training regime and how breaks can be good whereas layoffs are usually bad.

Gym Etiquette

If you’ve never trained in a commercial gym before, here are a few points of gym etiquette that will keep you on the right side of the gym owners and regulars.

Calculating Food Macro Requirements

This article shows you how to calculate your calorie requirements and your protein, carbohydrate and fat macro requirements. This is important if you’re serious about weight training as diet is at least 50% of the battle.