BMR Calculator

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BMR is your resting calorie burn. Basically, what you'd burn lying in bed. You need to multiply it by an activity level based on your typical day to calculate your TEE (Total Energy Expenditure).

Typical Activity Levels:
< 1.00: Extremely inactive (ill or bed-ridden)
1.00 - 1.19: Very Inactive (no walking anywhere etc.)
1.20 - 1.39: Very Sedentary (eg. office worker, little walking)
1.40 - 1.69: Sedentary (eg. office worker, 30 mins or so light walking or cycling)
1.70 - 1.99: Moderately Active (eg. construction worker)
2.00 - 2.40: Vigourously Active (eg. farm worker)
> 2.40: Extremely Active (eg. professional sportsman)