Category: Science

Do Protein Supplements Work?

Do protein supplements work or are they just a waste of money? Two opposing viewpoints reach their conclusions from a some of the same studies.

How Muscle Is Built

A look at the biological process of how muscle is built. This includes the AP-PC cycle, hypertrophy, microtrauma and protein synthesis.

Training Frequency – High or Low?

A look at how often you should train and how often you should train each body part. This article includes data from a scientific study, although the study isn’t at all definitive on the matter of training frequency.

BMI, BMR, TEE and Other Body Stats Calculations

How to calculate BMI, body fat, lean body mass, BMR and TEE. These can be calculated by formulae. They’re a little hit and miss, particularly with muscular people, but that are still useful.

Calculating One-Rep Maximums

An article that looks at how to calculate your one-rep maximum from, say, the weight you can lift for five reps. Such calculations are not entirely accurate, particularly when calculated from 12+ reps, but it’s still a good way to measure your progress.